The Bee & Kin Wireless Charger

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The same Bee & Kin Wireless Charger available in our Backpack is now available by itself. Conveniently allows you to charge your compatible phone by placing it on top of the charger. Use while traveling or as a power station on a work desk or nightstand.

Heading off on your next adventure? Well, rest assured that you can take your portable Bee & Kin Wireless Charger on your flight with no issue. You can keep it housed in your backpack and charge your phone when not in use or take it out and use at your seat. 

TSA requires portable chargers and batteries that you have to be in your carry-on or on your person. Traveling with your charger in your Nomad or Icon Backpack carry on is a breeze and it’s there when you need it most!

Includes: Wireless Phone Charger and Micro USB cable.

Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh