Shop Bridesmaid Gifts: Accessories They'll Cherish Forever

gifts for bridesmaids

Planning a wedding involves countless details, one of which is choosing gifts for your bridesmaids. They are there for you throughout the whole planning process, stand by your side on your big day, and often take on different responsibilities to ensure everything goes smoothly. To say thank you, give them a thoughtful gift that they will always cherish for years. Here are the stylish accessories to gift your bridesmaids.

Champ Coin Purse

This Champ Coin Purse offers a lot of room for your essentials and comes in several different colors so you can get each bridesmaids one with their favorite color!


Coin Purses

Recruiter Card Case

The Recruiter Card Case is so versatile⎯you can put it in your pocket or in your bag. It’s perfect for running errands, traveling, and more! 

Card Cases


Pilot Passport Holder

With its fun design and saying, “Been There, Done That,” the Pilot Passport Holder is a great gift for the bridesmaids that love to jetset. 

Leather Passport Holders


Neoprene Zip Pouch

For a great everyday accessory, the Neoprene Zip Pouch can hold all your essentials. Pair it with the Expert Tote or Nomad Backpack. For an evening look, you can use it as a clutch to accessorize your evening wear.

Zip Pouch


Assistant Pouch

Not only is the Assistant Pouch a great accessory, but will also be a stylish addition to your bridesmaid’s outfit and can transition easily to the reception since it can hold all their essentials in it.

Stylish Pouches

Your bridesmaids will love whichever accessory you choose to give them because they know it has come from the heart. 

Congratulations on your big day!