Our Founder Shares

 All on Her Favorite Candles

 to Make At Home

What’s Needed: 

8” x 16.5” Beeswax Sheets

- Cotton Wicks 

- Scissors 

- Ruler 

(I used a tape measure because 

I couldn’t find my ruler…but it does the job!) 

- Hair Dryer

if necessary, in order to warm the 

wax if you are working with it in a colder temperature. 

If you keep the sheets at room temperature, 

you won’t need this.

Step 1: Cut your Beeswax Sheets 

Cut strips that measure 2” x 16.5” (The sheets you receive are 

8” x 16.5”).You will be able to make 4 candles per sheet!Once measured, you can easily cut along the honeycomb pattern to keep a straight line. 

Step 2Cut your Wicks 

Cut a 2.5” piece of wick for each candle. 

Step 3: Secure your Wick 

Take the wick that you’ve measured and cut to be 2.5” and place it about ¼” from the end of the beeswax strip.Gently fold the beeswax over the wick.Evenly roll to create your candle! 


I made 3 different colored candles:

Natural, White, and Aqua. 

 Burn Time: 

These candles must be burned in a votive holder! 

Burn time can go up to 2 hours.