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Shelcy & Christy Joseph

by Tracey Hummel |

Shelcy & Christy Joseph of @NYCxCLOTHES 

Fashion and Lifestyle Storytellers + Community Builders

1. What’s in your bag…
You can always find a book in our bags. But beyond that, a lip balm, some lotion, a notebook and a pen, our wallets, phone charger and lipsticks (because you never know when you'll need to put it on).
2. What inspired NYCXCLOTHES & Friends, what is the best advice you received from one of your panel events and who did it come from…
NYCxClothes was inspired by our desire to build community some time after we moved to NYC. We'd been feeling so isolated that we took to the internet to start documenting our style and adventures in the city, in hopes that it would resonate with others.
3. The thing I love most about having my own business is…
The joy of creating on our own terms and according to our own vision, and the creatives we cross paths with.
4. The thing I find most challenging about having my own business is..
Staying focused on the big picture goals and not getting too caught up in the day-to-day stuff.
5. Your classic on-the-go look..
For Chris, it would be a pair of jeans, a blazer and her Converse sneakers. For Shelcy, it would be a slip dress and low-heel sandals combo.
6. Favorite life hack…
Trying to learn something every day.
7. Favorite affirmation to live by…
Life is what you make of it.